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Residential roofing comes in all shapes and sizes. Each section of the country has their own "standard" roof.
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Are you selling? Are you buying? Make sure that roof is ready!
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The insurance claims process can be time consuming and sometimes intimidating.
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Realtor services

Inspections for Listing

Are you selling? Are you buying? Make sure that roof is ready!

We will provide inspections of roofs for someone who is selling their home or buying a new home.

Have your roof inspected before you put it on the market so you know exactly what to expect when others start to look at it. You can price accordingly.

You should always have the roof inspected of a house you are looking to put an offer on. Know what shape the roof is on that new house so you know what expenses are expected or what you can negotiate with the seller.

Estimates for Repair / Replacement

Estimating roofing projects is a service we provide every customer. We will take a look at your roof to see what shape it is in, the size of it, does it have more than one layer already on it, any unseen damage, etc.

We will provide you and estimate of what the project will cost and explain the process and answer any questions you may have

24 Hour Response

We provide emergency services for you and your roofing needs.

Roofing is exposed to the elements every day. Your roof is hit by sun, wind, rain snow and in extreme conditions hail, branches, etc. You do not have control of what your roof needs to endure.

When the emergency comes such as a heavy storm that damages your roof, we will provide the emergency services to prevent as much future damage as we can. A new roof may not get on there the next day, but steps can be taken to close up a roofing hole now to project from future rain.

NACA Approved

Contact us for more information about our services or to get an estimate

Contact us for more information about our services or to get an estimate

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testimony Thank you ever so much for your lovely surprise gift from Tastefully Simply. What a delightful surprise! It will be fun to make up the goodies included and use the seasonings. We are so glad to have had you and your company do the work on our replacement roof then help guide us about what to do through the whole process after the hail damage. Our family has been very glad for your help throughout these many years and projects. We've always had excellent service and work from you. You are amazing! testimony

- Tom and Ann Lorenz more


Trim Trees: Trimming trees will keep them from rubbing your roofing material and wearing them out which will add years to the life of your roof and extend the protection. more