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Residential roofing comes in all shapes and sizes. Each section of the country has their own "standard" roof.
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About Curt Pierson Roofing

Curt Pierson has been in the roofing and construction industry for 42 years. He started Curt Pierson Roofing and Construction Specialists in 1971 to help people with their construction needs. Serving the communities of Kansas and Missouri since 1992.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the best possible product at the best possible price.

With our ‘Win – Win’ philosophy, the customer wins with quality service, product and price. We win with satisfied customers that refer us to their family, friends, and neighbors.

Curt Pierson Roofing and Construction Specialist is a family owned business that prides itself on customer service, quality work, professionalism, experience and a passion for what we do. This is proven in the fact, that as a referral-based business, we continue to grow.

Referrals are important to a business because they help establish a strong, trusting relationship between the customer and service provider.
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testimony Your definitely a cut above the rest. We knew you did good work, and we also really liked you as a person, so we were happy with the entire project. Then we received your kind thank you gift. (That has never happened before.) I feel like I need to say "thank you" for the "thank you". testimony

- Kathy Austin Guilliatt more


Trim Trees: Trimming trees will keep them from rubbing your roofing material and wearing them out which will add years to the life of your roof and extend the protection. more